Now that our home has become a small, individual gym, a good and durable workout bench  is more necessary than ever. But what happens when our space is limited?
The new bench of X-FIT loosens our hands since with a simple we can have two different benches in the size and price of just one. And we can do it quickly and safely  since the new X-FIT 24 with the different inclinations it takes allows us to perform a wide range of different exercises with weights.

And not only that, since with just a simple adjustment it goes to a fully functional sit up bench for your abs workouts.
Exercise your whole body with weights, bands or body weight now, safely, comfortably and efficiently and keep your space free with the new  bench X-FIT 24.

  • Maximum loading weight + User : 120 kg
  • Dimensions:     L: 120.7 x W: 32.5 x H: 116 cm
  • Bench Weight: 16 kg