Inspired by the Greek Mythology and Atlas, who carried upon his shoulders the weight of the World, the new X-FIT treadmill is called ATLAS and is specially designed in order to support a really heavy weight, up to 180kg!!
While in any other case, an additional treadmill should be huge, ATLAS is small, elegant and can fit in any apartment with absolutely no space issue.
Its abilities are designed for an over weighted user, who has to walk in really low speed, since it can start only from 0.6km/h, therefore can be used by elder users or disabled ones.

For all these reasons it has long handles for safety and a really simple console with all the basic information. Finally it can be folded in two levels making ATLAS a big space saver.


Once, for a Lifetime.


  • Motor: 2.0 hp
  • Dimensions (unfolded): L: 155cm,W: 82cm, H: 130cm
  • Dimensions (folded): L: 100cm,W: 82cm, H: 130cm
  • Walking Belt: W:51cm, L:102cm
  • Heart rate: In the hand grips
  • Multi data console
  • Incline: 2 places mechanical
  • Maximum user weight: 180kg
  • Weight: 62kg