A treadmill specially designed and built for the next generation of athletes who want to do their hard workout .. fun.
When safety, convenience at every step, and a variety of programs and options are self-evident, the new i-Run offers even more. An entertainment experience while you workout.
Your workout in the new i-Run treadmill is a mix of performance and fun!!

With the X-FIT i-Run now you can:

  • Workout as much as you can with safety and comfort, with a huge belt and an innovative anti-impact system
  • Choose among many pre organized programs.
  • Make your own, personal program, based on you only (based on your gender, age, weight etc)
  • Check your performance with the new Fitness Test program
  • Connect via Bluetooth all your devices.

With the nnovative i-Run console, now you can:

  • Listen to your favorite music via Spotify
  • Watch your favorite movies or tv series in your NETFLIX account
  • Surf in your social accounts (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Live a unique experience of workout and fun with all the above!!

For many of us working out in a treadmill can be a really boring thing, having fun during your workout is vital.
Because… instead of sitting on your couch and watch a movie you can workout, watching the same movie and by doing this you can change your life.

This is the new i-RUN.

Caution: The i-RUN treadmill has software such as a computer. It is necessary to add protection against overvoltage when connecting to the power supply.


Once, for a Lifetime.

Technical Features:

  • Motor: 3hp
  • Speed: 1-20km / h
  • Incline: Electric 0% – 15%
  • Heart rate measurement: on the handles
  • Dimensions (open): M: 205 x W: 85 x H: 145cm
  • Dimensions (closed): M: 120 x W: 85 x H: 165cm
  • Display: 15.6”TFT Touch
  • Belt surface: 152 x 52cm
  • Maximum User Weight: 130kg
  • Machine Weight: 120kg
  • Indications: Time, speed, distance, pulses, calories, speed, tilt
  • Programs: 32