They’re designed to increase speed, power, and explosiveness and are a great supplement to your regular strength training routine. Many lower-body plyometric exercises utilize a box of some sort that you jump on and off.

Plyometric training is a fantastic cardio workout and a great way to burn calories. So, yes, it is an efficient workout supplement to help lose weight. Plyometrics also helps to increase your speed, physical agility and reaction time. First, build a foundation using stability endurance training.
Built for strength and built to last, our Steel Plyo Jump Boxes are both durable and versatile. The steel frame allows them to handle high impact workouts. And the rubber tops and anti-slip feet make them a secure and reliable platform to train with.

  • Height: 45cm
  •  Platform Dimensions (mm): 36 × 36 cm
  • Base Dimensions (mm): 51 x 51 cm
  • Easy stacking of various sizes for better storage
  • Special design for greater stability and easier jumping
  • Material: High quality steel
  • Non-slip base supports
  • Non-slip platform