With the X-FIT Trampoline you can work out safely in a highly efficient and fun way. Compared to other forms of exercise, the trampoline, when done correctly, consumes more calories and fat at a faster rate. It is no coincidence that trampoline jumps can train up to 400 muscles, some less and some more. The excellent quality on the surface absorbs the impact so that the joints are not strained and is therefore recommended by gymnasts and physiotherapists around the world.

However, the peculiarity of the X-FIT Trampoline is the special handle on which we rely, as a result of which we feel more secure and of course we can train with greater intensity and for a longer duration. The support handle is height-adjustable to fit different body types, while its brackets are highly secure to withstand the toughest training.

Dimensions (L*H): 127 X 30 cm
Trampoline surface without the side elastic ropes: 102 cm
Handle height: 99 ~115 cm
Trampoline weight: approximately 8 kg

Maximum user weight: 100kg