X-FIT EQUALIZER  are a must if you want to get better at controlling your own bodyweight. Εqulizer bars can be a bit helpful for this, but really they are better for strength moves like dips.
Using the Χ-FIT EQUALIZER in your daily routine you will be able to train your shoulders, back, chest, and core. The planche is a key bodyweight and calisthenics exercise which will set you apart as a master of your new art. Face down, hold onto the parallette bars and shift your body weight forward onto your shoulders.
They are an essential piece of equipment for any body-weight strength training exercises and workouts. Increase muscle stamina, build shoulder and core strength while also reducing risk of wrist strain.
With its solid iron construction and high density, non slip commercial grade grips, these are ideal for performing dips, pushups, l-sits, stretches and many more body-weight strength training exercises.

Dimensions: L: 38 x W: 59 x H: 72 cm

Weight: 10 kg