Increase your strength training workouts with these original wood gym rings; these wood gym rings are perfect for ring dips, muscle-ups, back and front levers, pull-ups, ring rows and more. Each set of wooden Gymnastic Rings comes with durable black nylon strapping and, adjustable buckle system for hanging the rings from you pull-up bar, rig or power rack.
Designed for indoor or outdoor use, set them up in a commercial environment, home gym, park or take advantage of their easy portability and take them travelling with you.
Please note, however, that wood training rings should be stored in a dry place indoors, it is not advisable to be used in the rain.

  • Ring Material: Wood
  • Ring Thickness: 2.8cm
  • Diameter: 28 cm
  • Belt Length: 4,5 m
  • Ring Outer dia.: approx.: 23-24cm