Push ups is maybe the most primal way of training in the world. From the high school to the army, and from the teenage room to the gym, push ups will always be our first thing that comes to mind when we want to workout.
And there is a good reason for this: Push ups exercise all the upper body. From the chest to the shoulders. From the triceps to the core. From the back to the abs.  You can do a hundred different versions of push ups and still get the ultimate results.

The main reasons for the use of push up bars is a more convenient way to perform exercises – you won’t feel discomfort in the wrists. In addition, it is a large amplitude of motion. This allows you to stretch more and increase the load on the muscles.
The height of the bars allows to perform a deeper dip until we touch the floor, that’s why it is better for our chest, shoulder, triceps and abdominals to workout this way.

  • Length: 47.7 cm
  • Height: 14.2 cm
  • Width: 18.2 cm
  • Weight: 1700g