The new X-FIT Elastic band  Loops deliver versatility and ease of use that change how people experience exercise and rehab. It’s all in the loops, which are versatile, simple, and inspiring. And according to multiple studies, the elastic resistance used in the new X-FIT Elastic band  Loops is equivalent to weight training in strength curve, muscle activation, perceived exertion, and strength gain. The X-FIT loops provide multiple, unique grip and anchor options that enable open and closed hand grips, holding objects with resistance, no-grip-required Exercise and new Exercise that connect the upper and lower body work. X-FIT Elastic Loops  also makes it easier to add resistance to your favorite classic Exercise. Lightweight and portable, X-FIT Elastic Loops has the potential to be an entire gym right in the palm of your hand and is made from non-latex rubber material for those concerned about latex allergies.

Dimensions: 4cm x 90cm

Color: Blue